Our Principles


Starting this company is a vision that we would like to share with you. The heart of our core values is courage; the mental, moral, and physical strength ingrained in us that sees us through the daily challenges and the mastery of fear, and to make tough decisions under stress and pressure. It is the inner strength that enables us to take that extra step. Commitment is the spirit of determination within members of our company that leads to professionalism and the mastery in the art of service. It helps achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor and promotes the highest order of discipline and instills dedication to the company, country, and world. Our core principles are strengthened by building a positive team and family spirit which cultivates growth in each other, through teaching and learning the ideologies of passion, humbleness, adventurousness, creativeness, and open-mindedness.

Passion is the fuel that allows us to start our day early; it’s entirely about doing; from the moment we get up we’re excited about the work ahead of us. It’s what allows us to get excited more, for a longer duration and, overall, more frequently. We live in a world in which what we do matters to us. It permits us to push ahead full throttle. It’s what gets us overly excited about the work we love and push ourselves to our limits. It’s the realization to balance havoc and calm in a healthy manner which allows us to become experienced aviators.

Passion is a part of us, it’s our work and it reflects in everything we do, but it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like life. It allows us to risk more and to give up the things that don’t fall into the scope of our passions. It allows us to gravitate towards what we know will make us happy and willing to ignore the rest. Finally, passion is our inspiring force that allows us to endlessly think positively about the future; it keeps our minds continuously looking ahead for something to do, looking at what can be instead of what is and always thinking about our next move and excited to make it a reality.

Our Core Values

Humbleness is our unwavering foundation of all our virtues and possibly the key to our achievements. It’s an accurate assessment in knowing our own limits, our strengths and our weaknesses, morally or otherwise.

Adventurousness, creativeness, and open-mindedness is the accumulation of freedom. It’s to be done in a conscientious and mindful manner that doesn’t end up hurting yourself or others. It’s thinking about your values when you have to make choices and knowing that you made a decision you can stand by, no matter the outcome, letting your moral compass guide your decision-making. It’s acknowledging happiness as the journey, not the destination. It’s getting caught up in projects, people and passions that are bigger and more important than yourself, allowing you to experience happiness as a byproduct. It’s excelling as a leader; giving credit where it is due and be open to collaboration. It’s having patience knowing that good things lie ahead and being tolerable to waiting. It’s about being genuinely thankful for the opportunities and awards one receives and letting that help you cope with the wait time in-between.

Accelerating Your Business, at Jet Speed

The accumulation of freedom ultimately leads to establishing strong relationships. It’s the ability to possess modesty and genuine graciousness for others that significantly strengthens our social bonds and forms better cooperative alliances, which is a crucial component in our success.

Lastly, no matter where you are at, we extend to you an invitation to join our team; as an aircraft owner, as charter client, as a client needing aviation services or as an employee!