Aircraft Acquisitions & Sales and Support Services

Aviation Services

Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing or considering fractional ownership of a business aircraft, Aviation ACES offers customized aircraft acquisitions and consulting services. We will help you select the right type of aircraft ownership for your needs, and we will also assist in setting up your flight department, operations oversight or aircraft management. Aviation ACES provides the industry’s highest level of service to help purchasers navigate the often-intricate aircraft acquisitions process. Whether you’re a first-time aircraft purchaser, adding a new aircraft to your fleet or selling your current model to trade up to a new aircraft, Aviation ACES – Our team has more than 30 years of private and business aviation experience – has the knowledge and experience to get the job done correctly.

Concierge Services
People want things done but don't have the time to do them. Aviation ACES is ready to move at jet speed for you and your aviation needs. We’re happy to take care of your business efficiently and with a touch of class. No matter the service; living accommodations, catering, or transportation, your wish becomes our demand.

Crew Staffing Services
We understand that things happen, and your crew is not always available for your mission. In cases like this, Aviation ACES is on call. Exclusively serving the private jet industry, Aviation ACES connects pilots and flight attendants to employers. Candidates are presented with jobs that match their specific experience and employers receive a high-caliber pool of runway ready crew.

Aviation ACES crew members, must meet our requirements:

Minimum total flight time 5,000 hours
Minimum 150 hours in needed aircraft
As PIC, meets all FAR Part 61.58 requirements
Aircraft Emergency Situation Training
In-flight Emergency Medical, AED, BBP, and CPR Certified
Experience and training in corporate aviation
Drug tested

Minimum total time of 3,000 hours
Minimum 50 hours in specified aircraft
As SIC, meets all FAR Part 61.55 requirements
Aircraft Emergency Situation Training
In-flight Emergency Medical, AED, BBP, and CPR Certified
Experience and training in corporate aviation
Drug tested

Minimum total time of 1,500 hours
Aircraft Emergency Situation Training
Experienced and corporate-specific training
In-flight Emergency Medical, AED, BBP, and CPR Certified
Drug tested


Aviation ACES maintenance services is the maintenance you need, when you need it, we strive for safety and service excellence. Aviation ACES understands that your mission needs to be completed, so we offer diverse operational capabilities from routine inspections, unique major repairs and alterations, technical evaluations, and conformity inspections.

Aviation ACES’ personalized services are big enough to provide a wide variety of services but small enough to ensure personal attention with a focus on minimal downtime. Aviation ACES also teams up with other maintenance partners to assist with AOG and drop-in maintenance to provide advice on the best option for your needs.

Aviation ACES knows keeping your aircraft running at peak performance with minimal downtime is a top priority, you can rest assured your aircraft is in safe hands and will be back in the air as quickly as possible!


Receiving an aircraft upon arrival and preparing it to depart again is a major undertaking, which requires the completion of numerous overlapping processes timed to fit seamlessly within the schedules of our customers. Aviation ACES sets the highest standard in delivery of this complex service with clockwork precision, while simultaneously tending to a range of technical needs.

Aviation ACES is proud of welcoming passengers and meeting their needs before or after a trip. This responsibility is of the utmost importance in the eyes of our executive customers. We are proud to accept that responsibility, supporting your passengers from check-in, to the runway - and back!

Aviation ACES offers, Aircraft Detailing also ensures excellence from touchdown to takeoff. Serving individuals, flight departments, maintenance facilities, FBO’s, and fractional ownership companies, we’ll come to you. Our attention to detail and total commitment to our customers is always the top priority of every job. We pride ourselves with perfection and our ability to provide the aviation community with a worry-free solution for your aircraft’s aesthetic needs.

Exterior Aircraft Services:
Exterior Dry Wash
Exterior Machine buff & polish

Interior Aircraft Services:
Complete Interior Detail
Leather Repair
Wood Surface Repair
Carpet Extraction

Aviation ACES also offers refueling of aircraft, this is a precision activity which must be operated to government and industry standard. It’s a vital part of private aviation, and customers need a service which meets their operational needs. Aviation ACES provides market-leading fuel and we focus on ensuring that clean jet fuel is received, stored and distributed to our aircraft. Our focus is always on delivering each payload in the safest, most efficient manner and customer standards.

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